Scarlett Johansson to act and produce a new sci-fi drama

Scarlett Johansson will act and produce the new sci-fi drama Bride, directed by Chilean director Sebastián Lelio. This drama is a part of the multi-year deal between Apple TV+ and Indie studio A24.

Scarlett Johansson has her career’s best times. After getting two Oscar nominations in the same year in 2019 and her first solo Marvel movie Black Widow waiting to come to the theaters, she has now got an exciting new project to showcase her acting skills in association with Apple TV+ and A24 studio.

Scarlett Johansson: A star in acting

Apple TV+ is one of the tech conglomerate’s ventures in the entertainment industry. It has been offering streaming services with options to borrow titles from other streaming services. Now, Scarlett Johansson and Apple TV+ are collaborating in the new project Bride.

Apple TV+ closed a deal with A24 in 2018 to produce movies for the service. A24 is one of the growing critically-acclaimed movie production houses. It has received an Oscar award for best picture for the movie Moonlight. The production house has also associated itself with Academy award-nominated movies Ex Machina, Lighthouse, Room, and Amy (Documentary).

Now, reports have indicated that A2 will produce the genre-bending Sci-Fi drama Bride. This film will be a reboot of Bride’s character, created as a mate for Frankenstein’s legendary monster creation. After the monster threatened to kill him, Frankenstein created a mate due to the threat, naming it as Bride of Frankenstein.

Scarlett Johansson will act and co-produce the drama with Jonathan Lia, by the company These Pictures. Keenan Flynn will co-produce the film with them.

A24 produced movies like On the Rocks and The Sky Is Everywhere for Apple TV+ under the 2018 deal.

Apple TV+ has acquired critical success by its past projects such as HalaThe Banker, and Greyhound, carving a field for itself in the business.

Lelio: Master of his trade

Sebastián Lelio will direct the movie, whose other movies are A Fantastic Woman, Disobedience, and Gloria Bell. A Fantastic Woman won an Oscar award for the best international film.

The movie will have Lauren Schuker Blum (Orange Is the New Black), Rebecca Angelo (Wolfman), and Lelio himself as the writers for the script.

Bride’s movie will revolve around a creature created by an obsessive tech billionaire genius to serve him by being the ideal wife. After some time, the creation disobeys the creator. She is forced to escape the clutches of the creator and to move into the world.

But the world views her as a monster, making it difficult for her to adapt herself and escape. During this journey, she realizes her own qualities and strength and reinvents herself as her own creation.

This story, combined with ScarJo’s impeccable acting and the director’s techniques, will obviously make movie lovers eager for the release. So, critics expect the movie to be one of the genre’s classics and a milestone in Apple’s entertainment venture.

Image courtesy of Silvi Photo/Shutterstock

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