Scientists discover evidence of Parallel universe where time runs backward

NASA detects strange high energy particles coming from the Earth. These reverse cosmic ray shower may be evidence of a parallel universe.

In a scenario taken straight out of The Twilight Zone, a team of NASA scientists doing experiments in Antarctica may have discovered proof of a parallel universe. It may also have laws of physics that are opposite to our own.

A strange discovery

The idea of parallel universes have been a subject of controversy since the 1960’s, mostly in the minds of comics and sci-fi fans.

However, the recent detection of cosmic rays has revealed high energy particles. These particles could originate from a parallel universe that was also born during the Big Bang.

The scientists were amazed to have discovered a stream of high energy particles coming out from the ice in Antarctica inside NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA).

According to Peter Gorham, the rare occurrence discovered strongly contends with the standard laws of physics. He is a renowned professor of Physics and Astronomy at University of Hawaii.

These high energy particles were found everywhere in the area but they can’t pass through Earth’s solid mass. However, ANITA shows that these particles are not from space but are coming up from the ice.

ANITA discoveries

ANITA is a type of stratospheric balloon created to trace showers of cosmic rays. It detects rays via radio signals as they bounce up and down the ice.

It has recently detected fountains of high energy particles coming from the Earth during its 2006 and 2014 flights. According to data gathered, the rays look like a reverse cosmic ray shower.

The occurrence has been reviewed thoroughly and several explanations have already been ruled out.

The scientists are now asking whether these particles may have been traveling back in time. If it really does, it may become the first evidence of a parallel universe.

Uncertain theories

However, not everyone agrees with this hypothesis. Scientists studying the phenomenon agreed that the signal should require the existence of another universe that is created in the same Big Bang that made our own.

The data is still being studied and experts have not ruled out the probability that the data was the result of a malfunction.

Gorham also theorized that the high energy particles could be a new kind of subatomic particle that can penetrate the Earth. Until there is more scientific evidence to back up the theory, people will just have to stick to the movies to see their own taste of a parallel universe.

Featured image courtesy of News9 Live/YouTube Screenshot

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