Scientists reportedly found better brain imaging methods

Scientists have found a new way to find better imaging reports to the brain and provide better results to brain scans.

Sebastian Rieger brings out three Tesla MRIs at the Brain and Behaviour Laboratory located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Scientists have said that brain scans can give us a rare sight. It is more like a look into the mind and finding the mysteries.

Brain scans help to answer all the questions we need. How do we feel pain? How do we know we have a face?

Can brain scans be trusted?

The new studies have asked scientists to believe that can these brain scans be trusted. Do the brain scans really tell and answer all the questions which are asked?

Many scientists are now rethinking the value of brain scanning and whether all the findings can be trusted or not.

Researchers have come to understand a simple thing; the brain scan and imaging can be different for the same person every single day. Now brain scan findings can be limited, and some are studying these limitations.

Earlier this year, Annchen Knodt, who is a Duke University researcher, and her team is said to have published a paper on this topic. It questions all usefulness of common brain scan projects.

Watching the brains light up

The researcher and scientists have used a technique called functional magnetic resonance. This technique was first being used in the 1990s. At that time, brain scanning was like a huge open window to the brain.

Earlier brain scanning has involved methods with shorter placed devices on the brain, which are connected through wires. Another technique was involved in injecting radioactive material into the blood.

Damian Stanley says, “It is a very powerful thing to show the complete picture of the brain.”

Another Duke brain scientist, Anita Disney, has admitted that “In the end, we all will probably jump to the bandwagon a little too fast.”

Meanwhile, Yale University researcher, Joy Hirsch, wants to understand that there is research going on the “the social brain.”

She studies what happens to the brain when people touch, talk, or even make eye contact.

There are new methods that show that brain scans and imaging can be done better. The new method uses light and reflections to activate the neurons inside the brain.

But some scientists say that it is too early to consider this as a method. If this is approved, scientists will find a new method for imaging and studying the brain.


Image courtesy of SpeedKingz/Shutterstock

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