Scout Willis explains real reason of her divorced parents isolating together

Scout Willis explains real reason of her divorced parents isolating together

Demi Moore and ex-husband Bruce Willis quarantined together and the Internet universe have been so curious ever since.

For context, Moore, 57, and Willis, 65, have been divorced since 2000. Willis got married again in 2009 to model Emma Heming and they have two daughters, Mabel, 8, and Evelyn Penn, 5.

They recently sparked confusion when Willis and Moore began sharing photos of them being together with their adult daughters while on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

People began asking where Heming was. Apparently, she’s in their Los Angeles home with her two daughters. This all the more led to many questions including the reason why her husband is not with them.

Luckily, Moore and Willis’ third oldest daughter, Scout Willis, finally opened up the real reason why they are all stuck together as a family again.

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Family book club… ⁣ How to Rule the World from Your Couch — quarantine edition.

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The real reason

Scout revealed the reason on a recent episode of the Dopey self-help podcast. She said that their family set-up as of the moment was not the original plan.

Her stepmom, Hemming, and her sisters were supposed to be with them in Sun Valley, Idaho. However, plans had to be suddenly changed when her little sister got into an accident.

Scout said that her little sister found a needle in the park. And since she didn’t get a talk about not playing with needles, she tried to poke her shoe with it.

She poked her foot and Heming brought her to the doctor. So now she had to stay in L.A. to wait for the test results.

Scout also revealed that her father left L.A. earlier. But then travels had to be restricted due to the pandemic, leaving Heming and the kids stuck in L.A.

Spending family time

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Family bonding ????

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Now that Scout has cleared things up about their family situation, it turns out that it’s all just an out-of-control situation.

The modern family isn’t really new to this though. A source said that Moore shares a great relationship with Willis and his wife. In fact, Moore was a guest in the couple’s 2009 wedding and in their 2019 renewal of vows wedding.

Heming clearly also has no issues with her husband being with his first family. She even left a comment in one of Moore’s photo that says “family bonding.”

Heming wrote, “At its finest, love and miss you guys.” Moore responded: “We are missing you guys and love you so much.” All is well after all for the famous blended family.

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