‘Sea of Thieves’ gives tribute to a recently deceased music rockstar

Sea of Thieves Sails of Union trailer snapshot

Eddie Van Halen of the Van Halen band is officially gone succumbing to disease after some years’ long battle. But to honor the legend of music, Rare is paying their tribute with a “pirate” version of a classic song from the ‘80s, Jump.

Coming in the form of a tweet, the homage sees a short video running at less than four minutes, displaying an island with the tributary music in the background. Essentially a parody from a game involving pirates, the song is played in a comic manner featuring a group of buccaneers.

Far from being a clone of Van Halen’s voice, the music is nonetheless true to its lyrics. It is highlighting verses that are most reminiscent among people in the ’80s and beyond.

Put in a setting where electric guitars and keyboards are really not a thing, the parody features musical instruments that are less modern. This includes a tambourine, a hurdy-gurdy, a concertina, and a tuba. Definitely not the high-tech stuff that could mimic a 1984 melody, but good enough in producing sounds nevertheless.

A farewell message to a Legend

With a hashtag, #RIPEddie, the Twitter post read as:

“A tribute in our current Sea of Thieves style to a man whose talent and fun-loving spirit has had a huge influence on many members of the Rare family past and present, and will undoubtedly continue to do so.”

Standing up against cancer

More than just a paying of respect, Rare is also taking an initiative to join the fight against the disease. In a tie-up with Stand Up To Cancer, the Sea of Thieves developer is hoping to drive the possibility of finally coming up with a solution against deadly cancer.

To do just that, Rare is running a temporary campaign to fund the cancer research group. Through the initiative, a majority part, if not all, of the revenue from the Sails of Union sail goes to Stand Up to Cancer. Particularly, 75% of the sales from Steam and 100% from the Microsoft Store.

Eddie Van Halen died from throat cancer, a medical condition he struggled with for more than five years. Prior to it, Van Halen had tongue cancer. The disease led to Eddie’s tongue partially cut off due to surgery. The musician himself points blame to his habit of sticking an iron pick in his mouth for contracting the disease.

Image used courtesy of Sea of Thieves/YouTube Screenshot

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