‘SEAL Team’ season 3 finale: Emergency mission without Jason

'SEAL Team' season 3 finale: Emergency mission without Jason

SEAL Team season 3 finale is drawing near. Fans who have been following this military drama should expect an intense episode.

In the promo video released, it appears like the SEAL Team season 3 finale will have the Bravo members going on a mission without Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz).

Finale episode spoilers

Leading them instead is Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr.). He is clearly capable of taking the helm but everyone knows that Jason has more experience. Also, it seems like they could really use some help as there’s always strength in numbers.

They are going on a terrorist leader’s location and it’s going to be a time-sensitive mission that they will need to figure out. The end of the video showed someone cutting the tripwire.

What will happen? Either it could be a chaos or a moment of relief. It’s not known yet if Jason will have a role to play in the mission. Will he come in and save the day? Fans will just have to watch episode 20.

The official synopsis also reveals that SEAL Team season 3 finale episode is titled No Choice in Duty. It reveals the reason why Jason will be missing in action for a very dangerous mission.

It turns out that he is escorting Mandy Ellis (Jessica Paré) on a condolence visit to the family of a fallen informant. Moreover, the last episode is going to unveil a secret.

Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) will reveal to the team that the terrorist leader that they have been looking for is linked to a target from Jason’s past. This could mean that the finale will delve into Jason’s past and the story behind his previous target.

Meanwhile, Percival “Sonny” Quinn (A.J. Buckley) will also be rejoining the Bravo team in Afghanistan. He was previously sent back to his hometown after being reprimanded. He also got to reunite with his estranged father, Emmet Quinn (John Savage).

Unexpected finale

The upcoming episode of SEAL Team isn’t supposed to be the last one. The production wrapped up earlier than expected due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So instead of the original plan of 22 episodes, the series will end at episode 20 which is the last one they got to film before the shutdown.

It’s not yet known how the production shutdown is going to affect the season finale. It could end as a cliffhanger but it’s expected to be an ending that the writers have not planned.

SEAL Team season 3 finale will air on Wednesday, May 6 on CBS.

Image courtesy of TV Promos/YouTube screenshot

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