Sebastian Vettel doesn’t regret move to Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel admits that he has failed in his mission to follow in the footsteps of the Formula 1 legend Micheal Schumacher.

The next Formula 1 weekend will be held next week in Silverstone. As the weekends go by, the future of Sebastian Vettel in the race gets murkier. There’s just no guarantee that he’ll stay on with any team. Nonetheless, teams have reportedly reached out to the four-time world champion for a seat. As such, he may still end up in Formula 1 next year, after all.

His stint with Ferrari will end with a bitter patch between him and the team. However, he still thanks Scuderia Ferrari for a chance at fulfilling his dream of racing wearing a red suit.

Sebastian Vettel failed

Sebastian Vettel admitted that he wanted to follow the footsteps of the great Michael Schumacher in his transfer to Ferrari. Unfortunately, he failed. Vettel’s stint with Ferrari doesn’t even compare to what Michael achieved. Vettel said,

“… I think I wanted this to work for myself more than for Michael. I think looking back, my mission, my target was to win a championship and we didn’t do that. So in that regard we failed. But still, we had some really good years, some highlights and some good races. So I don’t regret it.”

Sebastian wanted to protect Michael’s legacy by winning some championships with the team. Primarily, to delay Hamilton’s rising success. Again, unfortunately, Vettel didn’t even come close to fulfilling such a goal.

Future with Formula 1

Racing Point, which will be Aston Martin next year, has reportedly reached out to Vettel for a seat. Pundits are expecting the team to go hard for Vettel because they have the car to push the team past the midfield. However, the situation isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Racing Point has Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez signed until 2021. Bringing Vettel to the mix just confuses everyone. The pink team owes Perez a great lot after he saved the team from the Force India brouhaha. As such, merely kicking him off the will not be an easy task. Also, Perez is an ultra-capable driver with the right car. He’s shown it before and is showing it with their ‘pink Mercedes’ now.

In the situation that Vettel indeed signs with Racing Point, Perez will not be in the same state of Limbo as Vettel. Perez admitted that some teams have reached out to him for a seat in 2021. Alfa Romeo, his old Sauber team, looks like a front runner for the 29-year old driver.

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