Sebastian Vettel will race for the team, but Ferrari will struggle ‘more than last year’

Sebastian Vettel commits that he will race for the team despite this year being his last with Scuderia Ferrari racing team.

The Austrian Grand Prix testing will start this weekend. The majority of the teams are excited to test their new cars on the RedBull ring. However, some have to wait a bit longer to get the latest update on their vehicles.

All eyes will be set on the battle between the racers of Ferrari entering this season. It will be interesting to see whether four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel will play rogue and race for his legacy.

Sebastian Vettel won’t back down

Vettel said in an interview that he will still race for the interest of the team. However, he won’t back down any fight brought up by his teammate Charles Leclerc. He said,

“Surely should the situation arise and make sense I think you expect both drivers to help each other out. I don’t think that has anything to do with the fact that my contract expires and I’m going to be leaving the team.”

As memory would serve, the two Ferrari drivers brought their A-game to their demise in Brazil last year. Unfortunately, the two drivers crashed into each other causing major points lost for the team.

This year will have a different dynamic for both racers. Charles Leclerc is poised as the next Ferrari prodigy driver. On the other hand, Sebastian Vettel is facing an uncertain future beyond this year. No other competitive team has shown interest to sign the seasoned driver.

Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari outlook

Leclerc has all the praise for his teammate, but his young age is not a deterrent for him to challenge Vettel right out the gate. He said,

“Obviously I’ve learned a massive amount with Seb as a team mate and I will continue to at the end of the season. We had our on track battles and sometimes it didn’t end the way we wanted but with respect off track, which was good to see.”

However, Leclerc thinks that Ferrari will struggle mightily on the first Formula 1 weekend. He believes that the car of the team is still not ready to release the upgraded car. His teammate thinks that they’ll only get the new car in Hungary, which is still two weekends from Austria.

Leclerc and Vettel point to the coronavirus as the cause for the delay. The majority of Ferrari’s staff had to stop their research suddenly because of the virus.

Image from motorsports Photographer/Shutterstock

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