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Second NBA bubble not likely to happen


A second NBA bubble is very unlikely to happen considering the reported inconsistent conversation about the plans to make it possible.

Only 16 of the 22 teams invited in the bubble have the chance to enter the Playoffs. Among those 16, 15 have already booked their guaranteed tickets to the postseason—seven teams in the West and virtually eight teams in the East. However, the last two teams, the Magic and the Nets have yet to clinch their spots.

Be that as it may, the experience gained inside the bubble for the teams virtually out of contention is worth so much. The eight teams not invited to the bubble may be stuck in a rut. They may end up with almost nine months of no competitive NBA games.

Second NBA bubble not happening

The NBA is reportedly not focusing its efforts on putting up a second NBA bubble. In other words, the Hawks, Hornets, Bulls, Cavs, Pistons, Knicks, Warriors, and Wolves have to figure out how to stay competitive. Otherwise, they could stagnate their development.

The outside teams have only been allowed individual practices in their facilities. Also, no team activities are permitted. In other words, many facets of the NBA players’ skills progress could end up shrinking. Their situation puts them in a tough disadvantage against the teams in the bubble.

The Suns and the Wizards have minimal chances of making it in the Playoffs. Nonetheless, they still have 11 games more than those outside the bubble. Three in scrimmage games and eight in seeding games. They also get the chance to see players that they can sign or drop for the next season. Teams outside the bubble will not get this.

Minicamps as an alternative

Pistons head coach Dwayne Casey thinks that there might be an alternative to the second NBA bubble. He said,

“We’d rather do that [minicamps] than go to the bubble, because unlike those teams in Orlando, we wouldn’t be playing for the same reason. The reason we want these minicamps is to get our team together, to have that camaraderie, to improve and enjoy some competition. “

Chicago was the original place intended for the second bubble. However, as plans didn’t fall through, the best that the NBA could do are mini-camps. They can set up three or four teams per state and schedule team practices in a safe and controlled environment. Those that are eliminated from the NBA bubble could also join.

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