‘Secret Royal Inspector’ set to air in December

The upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama of KBS with the working title Secret Royal Inspector shared photos from its first script reading.

The comic-mystery drama Secret Royal Inspector is a story of an undercover secret royal inspector. He goes to the provinces to bring justice, unveils corruption, and solve other people’s problems.

A secret royal inspector is a real position in the government of the Joseon Dynasty. The king appoints him.

The cast and production staff

The cast and crew that participated in the script reading are Kwon Nara, Kim Myung Soo, Lee Tae Hwan, Lee Yi Kyung, Ahn Nae Sang, Son Byung Ho, Choi Jong-Won, Park Joo Hyung, Chase Dong Hyun, Han Jae Suk, Shin Ji Hoon, Kim Joo Young, Shin Ji Woom and Jo Soo Min.

The director of the drama, Kim Jung Min, is also the director of historical dramas like Queen: Love and War, Grand Prince, Gunman in Joseon, Korean Ghost Stories, and The Princess’s Man.

Wishing luck on the new set

During the script reading, Kim Jung Min stated he is hoping that there will be no accidents. He further said that he wishes that it will be a safe shoot from start to end. He will do his best to bring the project to life.

Meanwhile, screenwriter Park Sung Hoon and Kam Min Suk commented that it is their honor to work with such amazing actors.

Kim Myung Soo’s role

Kim Myung Soo will be playing the role of the royal inspector, Sung Yi Kyum. He is an ordinary busuchan (a public official) in the Honhmungwan (office of special advisors). Sung Yi Kyun lives for the moment, and he has no grand ambitions in his life.

Kwon Nara acts as Hong Da In. She is a Joseon’s gisaeng (entertainer) who has many secrets. She also works for a Joseon government office called damo.

The two lead actors showed synchronicity and solid chemistry with their characters and each other.

KBS will air Secret Royal Inspector in December.

Image courtesy of ZeroFlip/YouTube Screenshot

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