Security is an issue when it comes to old Android phones

While some people always get the latest smartphones, some choose to stay with their old ones. Factors like nostalgia and ease of use stop them from changing to newer Android models. They don’t want to go through the whole cycle of learning another phone’s secrets. Nothing is wrong with that, but will it be safe for them to continue this way?

Android phones continue to upgrade at a steady pace. These upgrades aim to make the user experience as enjoyable as possible. It also introduces more perks and benefits for the people. But the most important thing about using newer models is the security it provides.

Older phones tend to have outdated security measures. These become easy prey to hackers and identity thieves. Not only security, but the owner’s privacy is at stake here. So it’s best to take a look at several things to check about older Android phones.

Security patches

A security patch protects users when hackers find new loopholes in the software. The operation is automatic. It then patches the security protocol of Android phones. Most of the time, users don’t know about this. They only know about the patch after receiving a notification of its completion. People find these patches annoying at times. But, they understand that it’s for their protection.

But, the reality is that through the years, these patches stop coming. Many threat assessments and patching happen with each upgrade. It also happens whenever a company creates a new smartphone. It involves a lot of work, and the same volume of work happens on older models. Because of this, companies need to stop providing support for older devices.

In a span of two to three years, a phone stops receiving security patches. It means that if a security breach happens, there won’t be a fix anymore.

Is an older Android phone still safe?

Several intelligence companies declare that outdated phones aren’t safe anymore. These security patches made these phones safe. Now that it doesn’t receive these updates, it’s unsafe for use. If people continue to use these devices, they expose themselves to potential dangers. Hackers can exploit these loopholes and steal money from users. Worse, unscrupulous people can steal the user’s identity. They can then use it for illegal operations.

It means that even if the user is careful in using their phones, the threat is always there. This vulnerability will go with them wherever they go, and they can do nothing against it.

There is all the more reason to get newer Android models despite its prices. That is a small price to pay for a user’s safety and peace of mind.


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