Sega shows off new details about ‘PSO2: New Genesis’


Sega is showing off new facets of PSO2: New Genesis to the world. The MMORPG will act as a standalone overhaul to its popular predecessor.

PSO2: New Genesis showed off a ton of its combat and its open-world capability in the recent Tokyo Game Show. The new title came from the need to replace the aging Phantasy Star Online 2. Instead of an overhaul, New Genesis is an entirely separate game.

PSO2: NG is Sega’s standalone overhaul

During E3 this year, Sega unveiled New Genesis, which people believed was a graphical overhaul for PSO2. At the time, Phantasy Star Online 2 freshly moved to the West, eight years after its Japan release.

Sega eventually clarified that PSO2: NG is a new, standalone title. It will have a few restrictions with migrating in-game content from the old game to the new game. Even then, fans are still happy to get a new version out.

Now, Sega is showing off their sequel, showing fresh new landscapes and combat. The nearly 40-minute demo rendered stunning environments. As expected of a supposed next-gen title, the game has many things to show for itself.

“In New Genesis you can explore a vast world,” said the translation. “In the previous PSO2 each area was an independent closed space. However, in New Genesis, you can move between areas seamlessly.

In addition, the upcoming updates will allow you to go to more and more places, and eventually you’ll be able to go to all the locations in your site. When you login to the game, you’ll start in the lobby where hundreds of people will gather.”

The overworld will have a ton of features, including weather and day/night cycles. For mobility, players can dash or slide, with healing items available all over. The world both has exploration sections and combat sections too.

New Genesis to get three classes at launch

PSO2: New Genesis didn’t only show its overworld. It also showed its combat capabilities and what people can expect.

For starters, the game showed off three classes the game will have at launch. Hunters are the melee class in the game, while the Rangers are the long-range shooter class. The Force, on the other hand, is the magic casters of the title.

Like any MMORPG, enemies will spawn on the field at random, with up to seven other players getting the same information. Enemies will have elemental weaknesses and these are easy to exploit.

While Sega announced all these details for PSO2: New Genesis, they are yet to give away a release date. The game, however, is set for some time in 2021.

Featured image courtesy of Phantasy Star Online 2-Global/Youtube Screenshot

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