‘Seinfeld’ trailer released for PS5 horror game inspired by a hit sitcom

As the funny sitcom was released back in the ’50s, Seinfield has a new horror remake on PS5 as developers are soon going to launch it.

A horror game has set its trailers, but fans are really worried about the outcome. The horror game depicts Jerry Seinfield hit sitcom back in the ’90s.

Entitled the Seinfeld Remastered, this game takes place in the time when the hit sitcom was released. The studio which is developing this game is an Indie studio named Rare Bird Games, and they have not resolved any comments regarding the release.

The hit sitcom has one of the most popular jokes, which has been depicted in this game as it catches a glimpse of fans while looking through the trailer.

Originating from a previous project named ‘Dreams’

This game has first originated from a fan’s project from the platform called Dreams. Now, this game or the idea behind it has been utilized and it is being remodeled as a standalone PS5 game. 

The original project of this game, called Dreams, let all the players roam around the Seinfeld locations, such as the Jerry and Kramer’s apartments.

As revealed, this bizarre game right now has no other details which can be added right to it.

The updated version of the game will include references to various other franchises which have been originally mastered and published in PS5, such as, Metal Gear Solid, Spider-Man, and Resident Evil.

The trailer is bizarre, and fans have a tipsy toe to understand and catch the number of references that have been used in it. The trailer is itself a disoriented pop mix of cultural references, horror tropes, and others as well.

There is no further update on the game

The developers have said that this game is completely not a drill but something that they have been working on for a very long time now. The game is to articulate the idea of a horror universe that might lie in the hit sitcom Seinfield. 

The protagonist of this game is Donathan, and he is asked to explore the entire city. But there is something bizarre to the game as the entire city right here is filled with neon lights and skeletons.

There are monsters that players will have to fight on this game and gearing up to tackle the Grim Reaper upon its charging and fighting off massive helicopters with their choppers hovering on the top.

The story is about Donathan, and when his newly adoptive father just abandons him in the Big Apple, 3 AM in the morning as he struggles to survive the odds.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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