Sekuritance: The anti-fraud solutions provider

Financial institutions, government entities, and exchanges have long faced the problem of lacking blockchain data that could help them better understand cryptocurrencies, their supposed risks, and their potentials.

By using cutting-edge data collection and analysis tools, Sekuritance provides this invaluable information for customers in different countries around the world in hopes for them to have a comprehensive understanding of blockchains.

As a RegTech company, Sekuritance provides an ecosystem where compliance, transaction monitoring, and identity management are delivered to merchants and individuals through enabling the availability of comprehensive data needed.

What Sekuritance aims for

As Sekuritance specializes in data collection and analysis, it boasts state-of-the-art tools that enable it to help a lot of potential clients.

The RegTech company aims to be a reliable compliance partner to some of the most famous and respected law enforcement, banking, financial, and cryptocurrency agencies.

It also provides tools that can be advantageous to financial institutions and lend them a hand in staying abreast with regulatory guidance, knowing more about their customers, and monitoring their exposure.

With Sekuritance, government agencies can stay one step ahead of crimes by truly understanding the mechanics of each transaction in detail.

About Sekuritance

As a RegTech company armed with transaction monitoring and investigation as well as data collection tools, Sekuritance provides customers with world-class cryptocurrency services and data-related products.

Under its umbrella, it has more than 20 FinTech specialists with exposure in multiple fields. Sekuritance also has a dedicated core team for operations, development, quality assurance, research and development, marketing, and support.

By making the blockchain economy safe for users, Sekuritance helps it grow as it also aids financial institutions and governments in assessing virtual asset laundering risks and crypto-related threats.

Its mission is to be the “currency and platform which together act as a decision-making engine for all the e-Commerce transaction needs.”

Sekuritance is the trusted name in technical innovation, compliance, and anti-fraud solutions.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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