Selena Gomez thanked BLACKPINK, deemed ‘Ice Cream’ her ‘big dream’

Selena Gomez “gushed” to the members of BLACKPINK in a video call.

Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK’s most-awaited collaboration has arrived. “Ice Cream” premiered on YouTube last Friday with over hundreds of thousands of streamers watching the newest track from the artists.

Earlier this month, the all-female K-pop group teased their fans about the single. Based on the posters, they hinted that the track features a female artist. While many thought that it was Ariana Grande, they confirmed weeks later that the Lose You To Love Me singer joined them for their latest single.

Selena Gomez shares one of her “big dreams”

Ahead of the release of “Ice Cream,” Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK released a clip of the video call between them on social media. While Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are in South Korea, Gomez has stayed in the United States amid the lockdown, according to Elle.

In the clip, the 28-year-old singer “gushed” to the members of the K-pop group and told them how much she “loves” them, as well as their music. She also thanked the group for “staying up” early for the call.

Gomez stated that she is “stoked” and revealed that she is a fan for quite some time now. Later on, she described the collaboration as a “big, big dream” for her. “I can’t wait,” she added.

All members of BLACKPINK had “cute” and “heartwarming” reactions toward the singer’s statements. Reports even deemed them “flustered” upon hearing the compliments.

All about “Ice Cream”

A separate report from Elle describes “Ice Cream” as a “flirty summer love song” from Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK. As noted, the lyrics “exude confidence” as it paints a woman who knows her worth, as well as her wants.

Unlike BLACKPINK’s other tracks, the collaboration with the Hands To Myself singer is generally in English lyrics. Some pointed out that the only Korean lyrics are those included on Lisa’s rap in the bridge.

They celebrated “Ice Cream” following its release

Aside from BLACKPINK and Gomez, Ariana Grande, also, chimed in and celebrated with the “squad” upon the release of “Ice Cream.” Reports revealed that the 7 Rings singer co-wrote the track with the whole squad, alongside Victoria Monét. She touted on Instagram how “proud” she is for their team, and how much love she has for “these ladies.”

BLACKPINK is just a few weeks away from releasing their whole album. Their recent collaboration is, reportedly, a part of their “three-part comeback” for 2020.

As for Selena Gomez, her 10-part series, Selena + Chef just wrapped up its pilot season on HBO Max on August 27. The network shortly renewed the material for another season.

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