Selena Gomez denied from Russia for the singer’s LGBT views

It is not unusual for Russia to ban celebrities. This included Selena Gomez, who spoke up regarding the 2013 Russia ban she faced.

The travel ban and deny of visa happened back in 2013 when Selena Gomez was at the peak of her career.

In line with the l. A. Times, in 2013, Selena Gomez canceled a series of her concert events in Japan and even in Europe after being denied a visa by using Russia.

The singer and actress is set to play a show in Belarus with extra stops in Ukraine, after which a whole Russian leg of her stars dance tour.

But, none of the suggestions ended up going on because of her journey restrictions.

The singer got her visa denied for her view on gay rights

According to the reports, it said that the singer’s gay rights had been a matter of fact for the denial of the visa.

The singer told the media, “I believe in the rights of the gay community, and every single person should have a voice of their own. We are in such a place where it can be hard to produce a legitimate view without being and having the sense of being canceled from the community. I stand by the words and want to support the LGBT community as a whole.”

However, Selena was not the only celebrity who faced the ban. Selena’s visa denial comes at the heels of dad legends Madonna and female gaga additionally getting banned from the USA.

Each woman gave very public shout-outs in their 2012 excursions, expressing assistance to Russia’s LGBT community. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is another name that is added to the list.

Numerous Russian politicians referred to Russia’s government to do something about the two American singers’ evaluations.

They threatened each with ability prosecution for allegedly failing to obtain the best visas to enter and perform in Russia.

The singer has spoken about her depression

Selena has stated that her recent fight with depression has taken a great toll on her health.

Selena’s recent launch of her True Beauty has been successful, but the singer/actor wants to explore new lines of work. The quarantine has taken a toll on her health as the singer has found herself in a ton of curveballs.

The singer has asked her fans to vote this 2020 and have pleaded her fans to understand that voting is important for America’s bright future.

Image courtesy of Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro/Shutterstock

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