Selena Gomez drops Rare Beauty products after months of anticipation

Selena Gomez launched her Rare Beauty products with close to 20 items to choose from.

Selena Gomez has continued to treat her fans with her products. After the success of her new cooking show on HBO Max, alongside her collaboration with BLACKPINK, here now comes her cosmetic line, Rare Beauty.

Earlier in February, the Ice Cream singer revealed her plans to launch a cosmetic company during the summer season. This comes a month after she released her album.

Selena Gomez deemed “rare” a special word

Selena Gomez’s cosmetic line, Rare Beauty, has the same name as her latest album, Rare. The songstress deemed the word “special” as it tells about “self-love” and “embracing imperfections,” according to Entertainment Tonight.

She continued that it is about “eliminating the need for perfection” through her Instagram stories. Gomez also noted that it is more on being “comfortable” and “embracing who you are.”

Later on, the singer said that she hopes everyone to see that “there is so much beauty in imperfection.” Start accepting and stop comparing, she added.

Rare Beauty products

In the first week of September, Selena Gomez announced that Rare Beauty products are already available at the company’s official website and Sephora. The products, which counts close to 20 different varieties, feature a “wide range of colors,” according to Page Six.

The brand offers foundation and concealers that both come in 48 shades. Reports deem the wide range of shades as “impressive,” considering that not all cosmetic brands offer the same number of selections.

Rare Beauty also has liquid eyeliners and blushes that come in eight shades. Four of the shades are dewy, while the other four are matte. In addition to the list, the brand has eight shades of tinted lip balm, eight shades of liquid highlighter, and 12 shades of liquid lipstick. Eight shades of brow pencil and gel duo are also available.

Alongside the make-up goods, Selena Gomez also included several skincare products. Rare Beauty offers a setting mist, blotting papers, and an illuminating primer.

Rare Impact Fund

Five months after the announcement for Rare Beauty, the artist launched the Rare Impact Fund. She pledged to raise AU$137 million for “underserved communities” to provide mental health services, according to a separate report from Page Six.

Selena Gomez stated that one percent of the sales from her cosmetic brand would go to the Rare Impact Fund. Alongside her partners, she aims to hit the $100 million mark in the next ten years.

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