Selena Gomez reveals the reason behind opening her cosmetics line

Selena Gomez opened up about her mental health journey, revealing her struggles with self-love that pushed her to open her cosmetics line, Rare Beauty.

Selena Gomez revealed how she suffered from doubting herself, feeling unpretty. This incited the 28-year-old to create her beauty line to help others to feel beautiful for themselves.

Opening about mental health struggles

In an interview with People, Gomez admitted there was a point in her life that she did not see herself beautiful enough.

“But I think it’s natural for people to feel that way sometimes,” she told the publication. “You feel like you have to look a certain way or be a certain way, but that’s not the case.”

Hence, she decided to venture into the beauty industry’s world to be part of a beauty community.

“I’m practicing, and I’m learning, and you can, too,” she added.

Although Gomez is a public figure, she revealed it took her time before she felt comfortable sharing the truth.

“[Being open] isn’t an easy thing to ask of someone,” she continued. “I’ve had to go away a few times for stuff I didn’t know [I was struggling with] and was confused by.”

Justin Bieber’s ex also experienced the stigma, worrying about what people would think of her.

“But when I thought about it, my first answer was, ‘I don’t care, this is my truth,'” she went on. “I’m not a stigma. I’m a person that walks their life.”

Getting a huge support system

Gomez found it a significant challenge to share her story. But aside from that, she also learned the importance of having a massive support system.

“I’ve tried a ton of different things,” Taylor Swift’s best friend revealed. “But the one thing I’ve never stopped doing is asking for help.”

Although it was the most challenging part, she truly believed it was the reason she was stronger.

“This is something that is the most important thing in the world to me because it’s my mental health,” she continued.

Despite her issues, the 13 Reasons Why producer did not let it held her back.

“As far as my career, I’m professional, and I work very hard,” she shared. “At the same time, I do deal with mental health [issues], and I wanted that to also be known.”

Although she seemed hopeless at times, she had finally found her rhythm.

She appeared to be in the best moods, carrying her dog, in a post on Instagram, celebrating the launch of Rare Beauty.

“SO EXCITED though I wish we could celebrate in person,” Selena Gomez captioned her snap. “Thank you to my amazing team at @rarebeauty and our community! This is just the beginning!!!”

Featured image used courtesy of DFree/Shutterstock

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