Selena Gomez talks about playing around in her album ‘Rare’

Selena Gomez talks about playing around in her album 'Rare'

Selena Gomez talked about her album Rare and shared how she played around, drifted in and out because she wasn’t inspired.

Selena Gomez created her album Rare during her extended hiatus from showbiz. According to the Boyfriend singer, she never forced her tracks, and everything was serendipitous.

Selena Gomez talks about Rare album

Selena Gomez took her time when she recorded her tracks for her album Rare. At the time, she could hardly finish a song because, according to her, she did not feel inspired.

“I had started to play around,” Gomez shared.

“This was probably three years ago. I didn’t feel inspired by much so I would just drift in and out,” she added.

Gomez gave her fans a glimpse of how she struggled with her album until she heard the song Rare which inspired her to pursue it. That song inspired the name of her album.

“I went away for a little bit, and when I came back … I heard a song called Rare, and that was the moment I knew that my album was starting, and that this was going to be the name of the album before I even recorded it.”

Gomez’s Rare is a pop-dance album with R&B and Latin pop flair. She was very much involved in its creative process especially on the release of her singles.

According to Gomez, she didn’t have her team and label, so she controlled what was being sent. Initially, they did not approve of her decision to release Lose You and Look at Her, but for the singer, it was a “moving on” song. She didn’t want the people to think she is still sad and hurting because that part of her was long over.

Gomez talks about dark-themed songs

Meanwhile, during Grammy’s streaming interview with Selena Gomez, the actress revealed her interest in exploring dark-themed songs.

The Kill Em with Kindness songstress admitted that she is a very emotional person and wants to make her songs a tad bit dark. She teased that she might release a special album for those types of songs.

Gomez also praised her BFF Taylor Swift for doing a good job in her albums. The Wolves singer applauded Swift’s Folklore album and praised Swift for being so good at transforming in one era into another. She added that she was inspired to be confident in the direction she was going.

Gomez’s fans are already very excited about her dark-themed album. In fact, many of them are already asking when it will be available.

However, the singer has not mentioned any date yet, but there’s a big possibility that she is releasing one. Based on Gomez’s interview, she already has a collection of songs for it.


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