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Selena Gomez talks with Kamala Harris about lupus, voting process


Selena Gomez had the chance to talk to Kamala Harris, who runs for vice-president, online, and they talked about various topics that matter.

Selena Gomez has already voted, and it was her first time to get herself involved in the election. She shared her voting experience with Kamala Harris. They also talked about lupus.

Selena Gomez not educated about the voting process

The Wolves hitmaker admitted that she wasn’t educated about the voting process. In fact, she just made her first vote a few days ago.

“When I was younger I was not very educated on the voting process the past four years I have experienced a lot and I think my vote counts… for someone who cares about the country, not voting is just not an option,” Gomez told Kamala Harris per Daily Mail.

The two ladies also talked about lupus. Gomez was diagnosed with lupus, and Harris’ sister, Maya, also suffered from the same condition, so she understood the Boyfriend singer’s struggles.

Kamala pointed out how “how women of color tend to get it.” The politician added that their family has been dealing with it for “many many years.”

The vice-president candidate also added that she and her running mate Joe Biden want to keep the Affordable Care act and work with Gomez on mental health help.

Gomez shared a glimpse of their conversation on Instagram, where she encouraged the people to vote.

“We all must use our voices and vote,” Gomez wrote.

“Vote EARLY, vote safely and try to vote in person or drop your ballot in a dropbox (that’s what I did and it couldn’t have been any easier). If you aren’t voting in person, please make sure you follow the instructions that come with your ballot carefully and do not forget to sign your ballot (it’s usually smart to use a blue or black ballpoint ink pen)!”

Selena on her first voting experience

On Oct. 27, Selena Gomez joined the Voting Power Hour YouTube stream with Loud Luxury and chatted with fans. One asked about her first voting experience, and Justin Bieber’s ex wasn’t shy to share about it.

Gomez admitted that it was her first time to vote, and she did it because she felt the importance of her vote. She has learned to understand the significance of her vote and why it matters.

Gomez added that she wanted to cast her vote but decided to mail her ballot rather than do it in person for safety reasons because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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