Selena Gomez to produce horror thriller movie ‘Dollhouse’

Selena Gomez to produce horror thriller movie 'Dollhouse'

Selena Gomez is not just a singer but an actress too and she is eyeing a role in a horror-thriller that she will also be producing.

Selena Gomez is set to produce the upcoming horror thriller Dollhouse for STXfilms. And aside from producing the movie, she is reportedly eyeing a starring role in the film.

Selena Gomez producing a movie

Selena Gomez launched her own production company July Moon Productions in October 2008. She partnered with XYZ Films to create star vehicles.

Part of their agreement includes Gomez hiring writers and creating talent packages to shop to studios. Part of the deal was also for Gomez to star in and produce two movies.

Looks like Gomez will be doing her part of the deal to star and produce a movie because her banner July Moon Productions is developing the horror-thriller Dollhouse. 21 Laps’ Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen are also co-producing the movie, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

Aside from producing, Gomez is expected to star in the film, too. But at present, there is no director attached to the project yet.

“Selena’s involvement is an exciting direction for this project. She is supremely talented as both a star and a producer,” Adam Fogelson, chairman, STXfilms motion picture group, said in a statement.

Gomez’s other projects

Aside from her music, Selena Gomez is busy with HBO Max’s Selena+Chef which she also produces exclusively. She is also set to produce and star in Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building.

Meanwhile, just recently, Gomez talked about her album Rare. According to her, three years ago, she wasn’t inspired to make music so she went away. Then, she heard a song called Rare and it inspired her that was why she named her album after it.

Gomez’s Rare album is a pop-dance album with R&B and Latin pop flair. She was very involved in the creative process. It was also her decision to release her singles Lose You to Love Me and Look at Her despite others’ disapproval.

For Gomez, those were her “moving on” songs. She doesn’t want fans to think that she is still hurting that’s why she released it.

Gomez wants to explore dark-themed songs

Selena Gomez praised her BFF Taylor Swift for doing a good job in doing different kinds of music. Swift’s current songs are very different from the time she was still new to the industry. Gomez approved of Taylor’s music and shared that she also wanted to explore a new genre for her music.

The Wolves hitmaker admitted that she wanted her songs to be a tad bit dark because she is very emotional. She also teased her fans that she might release a special album for those types of songs.

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