Selena Gomez wants to explore dark-themed songs: ‘I’m very emotional’

Selena Gomez wants to explore dark-themed songs: 'I'm very emotional'

Selena Gomez admitted in a recent interview that she is very emotional and interested in exploring dark-themed songs.

Selena Gomez is popular for her dance-pop or electropop songs. However, in a recent Grammy’s streaming interview, she expressed her interest in exploring dark songs while admitting that she is an emotional person.

Selena Gomez might release an album with dark songs

A clip of Selena Gomez talking about dark songs made the rounds on Twitter. The video was taken during an interview when she praised her pal Taylor Swift’s Folklore album and revealed that she’s also into dark songs.

“Oh for me, I’m very emotional, so I tend to want to make my songs a tad bit dark,” she said while giggling.

“Usually, I feel like there’s gonna be a special album for all those types of songs because I am, I do love that space and I think that there is, there is something that is missing.”

She went on and praised Swift in doing a good job with her album. Gomez said the Shake It Off singer was so good at transforming into one era into another. The Boyfriend singer also added she’s inspired to be confident in the direction she is going.

Gomez’s fans are excited for her dark-themed songs

When Selena Gomez’s fans heard about her new album, they are very excited to get a hold of it. Many were asking when she will release her dark album.

“release the dark songs @selenagomez,” one wrote on Twitter.

“if selena does end up releasing the dark album and stained is not on it, i’m gonna break into her house, steal her laptop and leak all her songs,” one fan commented before jokingly added that it was a “threat.”

Meanwhile, some were very supportive of Gomez’s shift to a new genre. One even said that she should start her 1989 or Reputation era, referring to Taylor Swift’s previous albums.

Selena causing issue in Justin, Hailey’s marriage rumors

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez is still associated with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. The two have separated for years. The Yummy singer is already married to Hailey Baldwin. However, a number of outlets still linked the two.

Life & Style claimed that Gomez is causing issues between Bieber and Baldwin. The model allegedly thinks that her husband is still stuck on Gomez.

However, one should take the report with a grain of salt because Bieber and Baldwin seemed to have a happy marriage based on their post. They often travel and are visibly enjoying each other’s company.


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