‘Selling Sunset’ season 2’s new trailer might surpass Netflix’ ‘Money Heist’

After a successful season 1, Selling Sunset season 2 returns to Netflix with a new trailer. The fierce and bold realty agents are back for a new era of dominance.

Selling Sunset became an instant hit to the viewers which features the top realty brokers of the Oppenheim Group. Created by Adam DiVello and produced Kimberley Goodman, the series showcases the reality behind the selling of Los Angeles million-dollar properties.

The Oppenheim Group is currently run by its founders and owners, Jason Oppenheim and Brett Oppenheim. Brett Oppenheim, the Senior Vice President is the one leading the top real estate agents.

The competition heated up in Selling Sunset season 1 with the entry of the member, Chrishell Stause. However, the Stause was not readily accepted in the group.

Selling Sunset season 2 plot

Selling Sunset season 2 promises more drama and competition as the real estate agents dive for the same properties as well as the same clients. Moreover, the battle between the top agents will prove who will truly stay on top of the game.

Season 2 will also reveal the superficial friendships between the agents even though they are on the same team. In season 1, the rivalry between Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn created too much drama because of competition. This season, viewers will definitely see more of them as they try to win against the other.

Netflix announced the plot in a press release,

“The top real estate brokers at The Oppenheim Group are back and this season, the ladies deal with even more mind-blowing mansions, shocking new romances, and explosive truths that will change their lives, relationships and careers forever.”

Selling Sunset season 2 reveals the hard life of selling the properties in the iconic city of Los Angeles. Set in Hollywood Hills and the Sunset Strip, the Oppenheim ladies play hard to stay on top, at the same, keeping their personal lives intact.

Selling Sunset season 2 cast and release date

The cast of Selling Sunset season 2 includes Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn, Maya Vander, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Young, Davina Potratz, Romain Bonnet.

A new recruit, Amanza Smith will once again turn the table as she pushes to part of the circle.

The series returns to Netflix on May 22, 2020.

Selling Sunset season 2 Trailer

The trailer reveals not only the realtors’ lives inside their workspace but also gives a glimpse of their personal lives. Fans will also see the wedding plans of Mary Fitzgerald. It appears that Christine’s relationship with her best friend, Mary is not going well. Additionally, the tension in the office is getting high as the realtors negotiate their clients.

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