Selling turnips is the secret to getting rich in ‘Animal Crossing’ New Horizons

The best way to earn money in the game is by selling Animal Crossing turnips. Start looking for Daisy Mae every Sunday and start playing the “stalk market”.

Animal Crossing turnips is both an excellent way to earn Bells as well as a good source of anxiety. It is one of the game’s longest-standing features also known as the Stalk Market.

Trading turnips in the game is not easy and will usually come with high risks. Turnips can easily rot or can be sold at low prices if players are not careful. However, players can earn major profit by keeping an eye on prices and knowing the right time to sell.

Where to buy turnips

Players can buy turnips from an NPC called Daisy Mae. She arrives on the island every Sunday between 5AM to 12PM.

Players can buy turnips in bundles of ten. Players will need to remember how much they bought all their turnips since this will be the basis of making a profit.

If players can’t sell these turnips by the next Sunday, they will become rotten and become totally worthless. Players must also take note that time traveling can spoil all their turnips.

Although, rotten turnips attract ants and flies which players need to catch in order to complete their bug list.

When to sell turnips

When to sell turnips is entirely up to the player. However, they should always keep an eye for higher rates. Nook Cranny’s Tommy and Timmy will usually buy the turnips at a lower rate than what was paid.

Turnip prices change in the morning and in the afternoon. If players don’t like the price in the morning, they could always check for a higher price in the afternoon. Usually, turnips can go for 100 to 200 bells.

However, Tommy and Timmy can offer as much as 600 bells for a single turnip. These high priced turnips are very rare so players will need to consider trading with friends or in an online community to up their chances.

Best turnip prices

Players who want to maximize their profit can always go online. While most players get disappointing Turnips in their island all week long, there is always someone with a Nook Cranny with a high payout.

Players can visit, a website dedicated to buying and selling turnips. The website contains listings of people with great buying and selling prices on their island.

Some may not offer island entrance fees while others may charge items in order to enter. Players have reported they usually get good Animal Crossing turnip prices during Tuesdays but it’s best to check regularly.

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