Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel locking horns outside the tracks

Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel have been in the rumor mill regarding a possible driver switch up in Racing Point.

Scuderia Ferrari is off to the team’s worst start in recent years, and this year is looking to be like a lost cause for them. However, being world champions, they are expected to bounce back sooner than later. Their campaign next year will be led by Charles LeClerc and Carlos Sainz. Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, is still teamless for 2021.

Vettel has been the headliner in Formula 1 ever since Ferrari announced signing Sainz for 2021. The four-time world champion, for his part, is just enjoying the last few races he has with Ferrari.

Sebastian Vettel approached by Racing Point

Vettel said in an interview that teams in the paddock are approaching him for a seat in 2021. However, nothing has been inked; therefore, everything is still rumored. He said,

“I have been around for long time and you never know, things can always change. Irrespective of that, I have to make decision myself, and see if there is something suitable in that direction.”

He didn’t dodge the question as to which team has approached him. Vettel said that he has been in talks with Racing Point. Again, he used the term ‘loose talks’ regarding these conversations.

Racing Point is still currently involved in a protest filed by Renault, and there hasn’t been a resolution to that. The past two races for the team have been stellar save for some late-race issues, which cost the team points. Their ‘pink Mercedes‘ have something to show for in the midfield, and Vettel riding in one could be a sight to see.

Sergio Perez’s seat in danger

Provided that Vettel signs with Racing Point next year, all signs point to a departure by the Mexican driver. This is the first time that Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel have been involved in a driver switch up. When asked about his future with next year’s Aston Martin, Perez just cited his contract thru 2022. He said,

“I know I’ve got a contract, I know that during the week there were obviously the rumours that came out and we actually got contacted by a team in the paddock – I won’t say any names – and also other teams [in other] categories, which was quite a surprise because we have a contract for the next years here. But at the moment there are just rumours around.”

Given all these possible shakeups, it might not be Perez who’ll bite the dust next year. Lance Stroll’s seat, at least according to him, is still not guaranteed. Many events could still play out in the next weeks to determine the futures of Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel.

Image from cristiano barni/Shutterstock

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