Stylish stealth game ‘Serial Cleaners’ announced for 2021 release


Upcoming stealth action game Serial Cleaners received its big reveal today. The game, a sequel to its 2017 version Serial Cleaner, will come out 2021.

According to their Future Games Show video, Serial Cleaners will be a bigger, better game. For one, 2017’s Serial Cleaner uniquely presented itself unlike anything before. The game was a fast-paced stealth action game using a beautiful top-down perspective.

The new game promises to change a few things, with dev studio Draw Distance fresh off their hits.

Original Serial Cleaner game offered new premise in 2017

The first Serial Cleaner’s premise was fresh and simple during its release. Players take on the part of a Mafia member, a professional crime scene cleaner. The game played out its story in the 70s, which gave the gameplay a retro feel.

The game is not only stylized, but it’s smart too. The player’s job is not to be an awesome assassin like Agent 47 in Hitman. Instead, the player cleans up after the mob to make sure there is no evidence of the deed.

The new sequel is coming at the game in a different direction but similar narrative. Now, the game will employ a non-linear 3D isometric environment. Instead of gameplay like Hotline Miami, the game will play more like Skyhill: Black Mist.

The game also progressed forward in time. Cleaners is moving forward with new mob cleaners, with a more cynical outlook and a grittier persona.

Cleaners promises overhaul of gameplay and updated aesthetics

Serial Cleaners moved to 1999, now with four professional cleaners for the mob. The game is more grungy, with an homage to Tarantino-style cinematics. Players also get a treat for the setting.

Many of the missions rely on 90s architectural aesthetics. This style means more chaos, grime, and a liberal provision of cubicles to hide on.

The game also boasts its four new players, each with their play styles. One has street smarts, using the environment to their advantage. Another uses brute force to move their way around the world.

Another cleaner uses the technology of the 90s to hide and move with total stealth. The last cleaner uses the old-fashioned tricks of the trade to get an advantage.

In Cleaners, players can pick and choose how to experience the world and the story. The entire narrative is non-linear, with options to find out what the story has next. The game encourages not only stealth but also exploration and speed.

Serial Cleaners will be available for PC and all console platforms. The PC version of Serial Cleaner is on sale right now on GOG.

Featured image courtesy of Draw Distance/Youtube Screenshots

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