‘Serious Sam 4’ coming out on PC and Stadia this August


Serious Sam 4 will come this coming August and vows to break many conventions modern Doom brought out.

In a series of videos released today, the game promises more ridiculousness for all fans. Basing on the videos, Serious Sam 4 will stick with their original formula for success.

All this means players will get a ton of monsters coming at them from all directions. An endless swarm of demon spawn with super hardcore battles will be right up their alley.

Serious Sam will go opposite Id’s Doom Eternal

The new formula for Doom and Doom Eternal rejuvenated the gameplay for the title. A combination of runes, mods, weapon upgrades, and glory kills became Doom’s bread and butter. Add to that a more fluid first-person platforming and players have the reason why Id Software’s game is winning players today.

Serious Sam developer Croteam is going the opposite direction as their rival. Instead of adding new systems, Croteam will diversify enemies with their Legion System. The Legion System is, according to graphics engineer Dean Sekulić a special graphics trick.

With the new system, the game can add “thousands and thousands” and “hundreds of thousands” of enemies every time. The game looks and feels like a hopeless, chaotic battlefield where monsters are swarming the player.

“This is one of the systems we actually developed for Serious Sam 4,” said Sekulić. “We have some levels that we’ll actually be able to populate with this many enemies. We were really pleasantly surprised with how fast it can run, because originally we were hoping for like 10,000 enemies, and now we’ve hit an order of magnitude more.”

If implemented in its entirety, the entire Legion System for Serious Sam 4 is a game-changer.

Thousands of enemies for Serious Sam will be game-changer

Among the many pitfalls of first-person shooters is the ability to add as many entities at a time. More complex games have a harder time generating entities, and this can make the system slower.

Games like Shadow of Mordor and Warhammer Space Marine are resource-intensive and limit the enemies they load at a time. If the upcoming Serious Sam can create hundreds of thousands of enemies, this can be a marvel to behold.

Among the things that made Serious Sam fun is cutting through swathes of monsters. The sheer ridiculousness of the game made it a legit contender to games like Quake and Doom in 2001.

Serious Sam 4 will blast player screens this August for PC and Stadia. The game is available for pre-purchase on Steam.

Featured image courtesy of Croteam/Youtube Screenshots

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