Sesame Street muppets help families to cope with COVID-19

The long-time children’s favorite Tv show, Sesame Street is stepping up to help families deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, governments have been enforcing lockdown protocols to help combat COVID-19. The constant increase in the number of infected individuals, as well as the increase in death rates, have impacted the mental state of every family.  

Health experts have been raising the issues on mental health,  and how families can cope with it while in lockdown. Additionally, the pandemic clearly produces stress and anxiety because of the abrupt shift in the usual routine and activities.

Sesame Workshop expands Caring for Each Other initiative

The creator of Sesame Street, Sesame Workshop has currently been running its program, Caring for Each Other. Due to the negative effect of the pandemic on mental health, Sesame Workshop will expand its program.

The Caring for Each Other COVID initiative will feature the amazing characters of Sesame Street.  Sesame Workshop is currently working with AT&T and Walgreens to encourage families to cope up with the different lifestyle transitions.  

Dr. Jeanette Betancourt of the Sesame Workshop emphasised that the tools that the program will be providing the families will help during these stressful days.

What is the content of the Caring for Each Other Program

The first content of Caring for Each Other COVID-19 can be accessed online and is available on Wednesday. The content features everyday challenges, which include missing family members and friends. Moreover, the content also provides safety measures such as dos and don’ts in wearing face masks or coverings.

The new content will be available in the coming weeks and will cover how to cope with a family member who has been infected.  Sesame Workshop will also include essential content relating to financial insecurity and grief. 

As part of the broader campaign of the Sesame Workshop, the families of the health workers, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, child care workers, responders, and others involved in the COVID-19 response will be celebrated. 

Families will also find comfort in the other contents that will be available in the coming weeks.   The Sesame Street muppets will be thanking the families of these COVId-19 responders. 

Sesame Workshop India will also be releasing the Caring for Each Other content to cope up with the pandemic.

Who are the characters in the content videos

The Sesame Street characters, like Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Rosita, Bert and Ernie, Grover, and Cookie Monster will all be part of the video content.

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Image Courtesy from 60 Minutes Australia/Youtube Screenshot


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