Seth Rogen explains money issues loomed ‘Pineapple Express’ sequel

Pineapple Express 2 was already being prepped for, but it never came into production nor did it get a green light from Sony, and Seth Rogen shed some light on that matter.

The 2008 Pineapple Express movie was dubbed as one of the great “weed action” movies. Deadline dubbed it as a “box office success,” after it earned over US$100 million [AU$140.58 million] with only having a $27 million budget.

Seth Rogen co-wrote (with Evan Golberg) and co-starred the movie with James Franco.  Almost 12 years since the movie’s release, the public now knows why Pineapple Express never got a follow-up installment.

Seth Rogen sheds light on the money issue

Speaking with SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show recently, Rogen was asked about Pineapple Express 2 not coming into play. The actor answered, “We tried to make one.”

He further revealed:

“Thanks to the Sony hack, you can actually find the email when Sony decided to kill the movie and not make it. It was something we were very open to several years ago, but Sony was not that interested in it.”

Several media outlets referred to The Daily Beast’s report from years back about the infamous Sony hack. This allegedly included the leaked e-mail exchange between the Pineapple Express producer Judd Apatow and Amy Pascal—the former co-chairman of Sony Pictures.

Based on the reported exchange, Apatow was seeking for $50 million budget to set the sequel in production. However, such a request was denied as the Sony execs will only offer $45 million.

The media outlet then cites Pascal’s response which may have been the nail to the PE 2’s coffin, which reads, “I think they should agree to the 45 contractually and we have and always will do the right thing.”

Rogen laughed while reminiscing on the issue, saying, “I think we probably wanted too much money. Studios, they don’t like giving away money. Weird thing.”

Pineapple Express’ success

Rogen further expressed that making a “weed movie” at the time was a “tough genre.” Referring more to how people perceived them for making such a movie.

The Knocked Up star recalled, “When we made Pineapple Express there were not a lot of great weed movies. As we would tell people we were making a weed action movie, they looked at us like we were f—ing so stupid and crazy.”

Nevertheless, the movie was welcomed with great success. Rogen stressed that “no one got paid anything and that’s why it was highly highly highly profitable.”

Meanwhile, catch Rogen on HBO Max this August 6 for the comedy-drama debut of An American Pickle.


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