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‘Sex and the City 3’ allegedly in the works: Rumor


Sex and the City 3 is, reportedly, in the works after Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, allegedly, made peace.

It has been ten years since the franchise’s second movie installment hit the big screen. Is it true that a summit was held for Parker and Cattrall to bury the hatchet to make Sex and the City 3 possible?

A third Sex and the City movie will, allegedly, be in the works

New Idea recently reported that the two stars had a “million-dollar peace summit.” Allegedly, they already ended their quarrel and now friends.

Hence, they are now ready to work for the third installment of the movie franchise.

An alleged insider said the films’ lengthy delay is not because of the two women’s fight. Allegedly, it is about the issues concerning “timing, money, and the script.”

“From a financial perspective, it’s a no-brainer,” the source added.

Debunking the wrong claim

According to Gossip Cop, the tabloid story is quite questionable. If there is, indeed, a Sex in the City 3 in the making, it should be over the news.

As this film is from a massive franchise, it will surely be a huge topic.

Also, the battle between Cattrall and Parker seem to be deep that a summit cannot mend it. They have been publicly at odds for a long while now. They have never even been close on the set.

Cattrall already killed the hope of having another Sex and the City movie when she made a bold reply to Parker’s message. To recall, Parker tried to show sympathy to Cattrall when her brother tragically died.

Kristin Davis’ dream for a third movie

Meanwhile, aside from fans, Kristin Davis is also hoping to do Sex and the City 3. In an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in November 2019, she revealed her hopes for the third film.

“People ask me different things, and I’ve been saying things that are in like my fantasy,” she said, via Bravo. “Like, I’m a hopeful person obviously, and I have a whole very rich imagination so… ”

Davis continued that she had “all different fantasies,” like a whole short movie.

“We go to China because my daughter wants to go on an inheritance trip where you go to see your homeland,” she added. “And when we’re in China, Carrie and Charlotte have a whole adventure in China!”

Davis added that it could be a standalone film or a musical. Allegedly, her idea echoed what Chris “Mr. Big” Noth said in a podcast before.

If ever there would be Sex and the City 3, Big is, reportedly, going to get killed off.

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