‘Shadow and Bone’ is the next big fantasy series by Netflix

Netflix is a platform that offers every exciting and captivating stuff for us to watch. Nowadays, Netflix is continually releasing trailers of a few series or movies which enthrall the audience.

The trailer of Shadow and Bone will feature the next upcoming fantasy series. Netflix released the trailer to give us a glimpse of the content.

Undoubtedly, it is planning to release some more stuff soon. A big franchise like Stranger Things or The Witcher is in the way of getting released.

What is Shadow and Bone all about?

The first trailer of Netflix’s adaptation revolves around the main protagonist Alina. Alina is a mapmaker by profession who finds out she has extraordinary power.

Undoubtedly, the power is associated in such a way that she can rescue the world. She will be able to save the world from getting swallowed up in darkness.

Moreover, the world is threatened by a sea-of-sorts called Fold. Alina has the power to defeat these Fold.

This series is focusing more on teenagers and young adults. This series comes under the fantasy genre.

This genre mainly revolves around providing content that targets a young audience. Every network or streaming platform is trying to dominate with this genre only. The majority of subscribers on these streaming platforms comprises teenagers.

Therefore, it becomes quite convenient for having a surge in numbers of subscribers. Several shows like Percy Jackson on Disney Plus or His Dark Materials on HBO are of the same genre. The content of both these shows primarily focuses on teenagers.

The bottom line of the content:

However, the content is so crafted that it leads to a sense of curiosity. Game of Thrones fans can’t think of anything else after the end of its every season.

It makes sense; kinds of stuff like The Witcher and Stranger Things are some shows which are immensely popular in the teenage group. Also, the fantasy genre allows the studios to collaborate with various franchises.

If you look for some example in this domain, the Grisha universe fits it wonderfully.

The Grisha universe was actually a trilogy, comprised of three distinct parts: Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, and Ruin and Rising. But then, Crooked Kingdom followed. This series had popular characters named Six of Crows.

If this series turns out to be a big hit, Netflix could come up with many potential spinoffs.

Nevertheless, fans will be keenly watching Alina, Mal, and the Darkling adventure for now. This show will premiere on the 23rd of April.


Image courtesy of Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

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