‘Shadows House’ Episode 8: Will Emilico finally see Kate?

Shadows House Episode 8

After Emilico finally crosses paths against Patrick and John, will she finally find Kate in Shadows House Episode 8?

Emilico has yet to see Kate until today. She has no idea of her whereabouts, seeing no signs of her anywhere. As the search for her still continues, will she finally appear in Shadows House Episode 8?

New Episode Theories, Spoilers and More

Titled “In the Palm of His Hand,” it may refer to Edward’s hand, which holds control to the Debut participants.

He can control these people as he wishes, making them helpless in a way.

However, according to Epic Dope, the title may also refer to someone of a higher rank. Aside from Edward, it can be a shadow master or the Great Lord Grandfather.

As the debut ceremony is known for being the higher-ups’ source of entertainment, they may try to make it more interesting.

On the other hand, Emilico and Rum will continuously look for their masters in Shadows House Episode 8.

This time, they may take advantage of Emilico’s cart and use it to save Kate from the cage. From here, they can finally bring her back to Edward.

Episode 7 Recap

In Shadows House Episode 7, the girls and the boys met Edward, who ordered them to save their masters before time ran out.

He explained their new mission’s rules and the two teams started to fulfill their task, per OtakuKart News. Titled “Incomplete Map,” Gerald was tasked to look after Kate and Emilico.

Dorothy suggested that they should tell Edward about their situation, to which Aileen agreed. She blew black dust that turned into a messenger bird, opened the window, and set the bird free to deliver their message to Edward.

The bird arrived at the building where Edward was relaxing. As he closed his eyes, the bird screamed to get his attention until it burst out.

The bird’s scrap left the message to the floor, where Edward finally saw it. Edward could not help but get annoyed by the bird’s noise that made him furious and questioned their choice of a messenger.

Back to the Shadow Castle, Dorothy revealed Shaun was going down while Ryan joined her.

The two watched Shaun by the window while he fell in a trap tunnel after stepping on the wrong block on the grounds.

The mysterious story will continue when Shadows House Episode 8 drops on Sunday, May 30, on Funimation.

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