‘Shaman King’ (2021) Episode 17: Will Hao finally appear and face Yoh?


Yoh and the rest of the gang will do their best to defeat Boris Tepes in Shaman King (2021) Episode 17.

But apart from the blood-thirsty vampire, it looks like a new enemy is about to come. Titled “Guns of Angeles,” the name seems to refer to a different foe that will come Yoh’s way.

A New Enemy Coming

Boris turns to be much powerful than what Yoh knew from the tales. He did not expect that from an enemy, but he still managed to turn the tides of the fight.

How did he do that? Simple, Yoh made the most of Boris’ master-servant relationship with his guardian soul.

From here, he may finally defeat Boris in Shaman King (2021) Episode 17.

However, according to Epic Dope, the new episode’s title seems to refer to the power of a new formidable opponent coming into the series.

This may never be Boris, knowing he will soon be defeated.

After Yoh has put Boris down, he and his friends will go to the forbidden section of the Patch village. Here, they are hoping to get some clue about Hao.

So, there is a big possibility that Yoh and company will come across Hao’s minions on their way to the village.

This may result in a big brawl between the two groups that fans need to see.

Elsewhere, Anna and Manta will arrive in America, carrying the Hao-killing items that Grandpa Yohmei gives them.

Episode 16 Recap

Shaman King (2021) Episode 16, titled “Enter the Ultra-Pompadour,” showed how Yoh and the rest of the team started their journey.

Ryu drove the car, while Ren started to punish Horohoro for not going with them. Yoh asked Ren to be just easy with Horohoro, OtakuKart News noted.

Ryu, in addition, assured them they were about to arrive at their destination after seeing some plants.

They then passed near the old Path village of Mesa Verdede, where Horohoro believed they could visit to find some clues.

As they made their way, they learned the place had a lot of tourists.

Ren asked Lyserg to calm down after seeing they were starting a fight. Yoh then questioned the Shamans about what they wanted.

The Shaman hid his face and said they had a striking resemblance with Hao, proving they were the latter’s descendants.

The crew then started to doubt Yoh, but he admitted he also thought they looked similar. The other staff bid their goodbye, but one said it was Hao’s order to make Yoh experience severe trial.

This included killing four of his friends. One crew started to bit Lyserg’s neck while Ryu slashed the vampire Shaman.

The samurai Shaman cut Ryu’s hair and the vampire said Yoh’s crew was fragile.

What happens next can be seen when Shaman King (2021) Episode 17 drops Thursday, July 22, on Netflix and bilibili.

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