‘Shaman King’ 2021 Episode 35 spoilers: Yoh’s return to Shaman Fight


Yoh and Anna will start a new journey in Shaman King 2021 Episode 35 after the future Shaman King manages to solve his fiancée’s problems with demons.

Yoh used Ultra Senji Ryakketsu: Cresent Moon Purification to kill Demon Ren. Now, fans will soon see the start of Shaman King once Yoh decides to join the fight again in Shaman King 2021 Episode 35.

Quitting the Shaman King

Yoh decided to quit the fight, knowing he would lose a number of his friends in the process.

In fact, his decision to leave has saved Ren’s life. Now, he is ready to face the issue about Hao next.

Sure, the Shaman Fight continues and Hao is trying to gain more power. Horohoro also seems to have found a way to get stronger in Shaman King 2021 Episode 35.

But, how he will defeat Block is still a mystery. It cannot be denied that Ren has been showing great character development after fans saw his thoughts, Epic Dope noted.

From here, fans will see more of the Shaman Fight in the following episodes.

Yoh and his friends will also have to face Hao as the story continues.

Episode 34 recap

Meanwhile, in Shaman King 2021 Episode 34, Amidamaru believed Anna would continue to slap Yoh if he made a mistake. Anna could send Yoh flying with just a single blow and would be forgiving him, knowing he was soft-hearted.

His innocence made Anna fall in love, but it was still far from over until he became the Shaman King.

Elsewhere, Marko and X-Laws arrived at the HQ and told Maiden that Ren’s revival was ready. Basson then got angry when Marko suggested reincarnating Ren instead of burying him, per OtakuKart News.

The X-Laws revealed they could not let Ren go after killing one of the ten Officiant to have the Oracle Bell.

Amid all these happenings, Lyserg was worried after promising Yoh they would be reviving Ren. Yoh would not like this idea, but knowing the X-Laws were the Apostles of Justice, they could not just let Ren go.

They believed Ren should be buried instead of reincarnated. But as Maiden revealed she promised Yoh of Ren’s revival, she would do so.

Maiden’s speech touched Marko and he later apologized. They then started the process and Red dreamed of the shaman fight.

Ryu and Manta then arrived and realized Ren was about to wake up.

Shaman King 2021 Episode 35 will be out on Thursday, Dec. 9.

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