‘Shaman King’ to launch another spin-off manga series

After the end of the entire run of Hiroyuki Takei’s Shaman King, another spin-off of the manga series is about to launch!

Several spin-offs of the manga series have been recorded since the end run of the anime Shaman King.

And now, a new announcement has arrived that the well-loved anime series by Hiroyuki Takei opt to release another exciting series to wait.

The said spin-off that is coming will have another tone compared to the previous releases.

Shaman King and the garden

A revelation came from Kodansha’s Nakayoshi magazine’s latest issue that a new Shaman King spin-off is in the works. The said series is based on the original series’ Team Hana-Gumi.

The anime will be a shojo spin-off on the original series. And it will be exploring the backstories of Kanna Bismarch and Matilda Matisse.

Another exposure before the characters make their appearance in the main series is the backstory of Marion Phauna.

The said spin-off is titled Shaman King & a garden. The release will be in December, together with the next issue of Nakayoshi magazine.

The new series organization is taken charge by the Shaman King’s people: Red Crimson spin-off, Jet Kusamura. At the same time, the new series’ illustrations will be in charge of Kyo Nuesawa.

Through Nakayoshi’s Twitter account, the official announcement of the release is available for reads. Check it out below:

More good news

What’s more exciting about the news is that the entire manga series and collection of the spin-off released is entirely available in December.

And with the matter, it can be easily said that this is the perfect time to be Shaman King‘s fan.

Furthermore, the Shaman King: Super Star in December will be hitting the digital shelves. As of writing, the spin-off’s creators have yet to announce the exact date as to when the English language release will be made.

Just in case you are curious about the look of the spin-off of Kanna, Matilda, and Marion, Nuesawa has posted on Twitter. The post is the spin-off’s cleaner look about its illustration.

Image courtesy of Rentao 12/YouTube Screenshot

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