ShareRoot begins Blockchain R&D

  • DigitalX to advise how Blockchain based systems can enhance ShareRoot’s proprietary ‘User Generated Content platform’.
  • Blockchain solutions to add another layer of legal protection for ShareRoot’s customers.
  • ShareRoot to potentially incorporate ‘Smart Contracting’ and content trading to further enhancing platform offering.

ASX-listed ShareRoot Limited (SRO) has engaged DigitalX to investigate a suitable, high quality Blockchain solution that can be incorporated into ShareRoot’s proprietary ‘User Generated Content Platform’, which will track and facilitate the ownership and sale of user generated content (UGC).

The introduction of Blockchain technology has the potential to add an additional layer of legal protection to SRO’s UGC platform, further protecting customers using the platform.

ShareRoot Chief Executive Officer, Noah Abelson-Gertler said:

“DigitalX is Australia’s leading provider of Blockchain consulting services and products and we are excited to have engaged them to work on this project.”

“Blockchain technology has the potential to significantly increase the security and safety of our proprietary UGC platform and we look forward to exploring ways to further reduce legal risks for our customers.”

DigitalX CEO and Managing Director, Leigh Travers said:

“DigitalX is pleased to provide Blockchain consulting services and explore potential solutions that will best suit SRO’s business. Blockchain could allow for ShareRoot’s UGC platform to be further enhanced with more secure and effective methods of proving the ownership and legal rights of the content through ‘smart contracts.”

“ShareRoot could also consider the possibility of trading content through a trustless distributed ledger protocol. Blockchain also has the ability to track contents original creation point, greater enhancing the proof of ownership and property rights.”

About ShareRoot:

ShareRoot Limited provides businesses such as Costco and McDonalds franchisees a platform to search, legally acquire, organize and measure the effectiveness of user generated marketing campaigns.

ShareRoot works with companies via a platform provided on a monthly charge basis, solving problems of finding suitable social media content, ensuring legal compliance such as privacy regulations, assisting with Customer Identity Management (CIM), and helping to build and monitor the success of marketing campaigns.

About ShareRoot’s UGC platform:

ShareRoot’s cloud-based UGC solution allows clients to search for relevant user-generated content across a range of social media services, request and obtain legal permission for the full legal rights to use this content, then helps them to effectively utilise these materials as part of their marketing campaigns.

Legal protections built into ShareRoot’s UGC platform allow clients to avoid the legal disputes and intellectual property issues that companies are encountering at a growing rate when sharing user-generated content as part of their marketing efforts, while also supporting the efforts of artists and original content creators.

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