Shawn Mendes embarks new era with Netflix documentary ‘In Wonder’

Shawn Mendes is just a regular guy, says the trailer of the actor’s Netflix documentary film In Wonder.

Viewers and fans of the Canadian singer Shawn Mendes should follow his journey on his new documentary produced by Netflix. It is his journey towards self-discovery after the physical and emotional demands of his rising fame.

Pushing the limits

Shawn’s last world tour pushed him to his limits on his personal and musical reckoning. In the trailer, Shawn stated that the documentary is not an ordinary story of a famous musician, rather than a tale of a guy growing up.

The 22-year old singer is a former YouTube star. In his early days of covering other artists’ music, he is already aware of his potential to conquer the world as a musical superstar.

The average Superman

Shawn went into a deep connection with himself and asked that if he would tell the world that he is an average human, would they stop coming to his shows. He thinks that he should pretend that he is Superman for a little bit longer.

He is used to be like his idols, but they are all born legendary. Sometimes, he feels like he is doing so much in the stage and ending up hurting himself.

It was all about her

The fans appear to learn much about Shawn’s love affair. Shawn and fellow singer Camila Cabello has been dating for over a year now.

“Every song that he wrote has always been about her,” he said, while a shot of Camila Cabello is shown.

Netflix documentary: Shawn Mendes “In Wonder”

Even to the end of the intense year, he wanted to do it all over again. Shawn shares that every time he walks up on the stage and looks around, everything feels like a dream.

When he first got onto the stage, his ego rushes in, saying that he should not mess up. After a little bit of time, he remembers that he is a guy who loves music.

Netflix covers the world tour of Shawn. Following the Stitches singer, the unguarded documentary opens up about his stardom, his relationship with Camila, and the musical future.

For starters, Shawn is born in the full name of Shawn Peter Raul Mendes. He is a Canadian singer and songwriter who earned a coveted spot in the music industry for his chart-topping singles. He wrote the famous songs Stitches, Treat You Better, Señorita, and more.

Image courtesy of Netflix Asia/YouTube Screenshot

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