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‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ series finale is a happy ending


She-Ra and the Princesses of Power recently dropped the fifth season on Netflix this month. But it’s time to say goodbye to it now as it’s the season finale.

Fans who enjoyed following the animated adventures in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power will have to savor everything in season 5. With a total of 13 episodes, that’s all there is for now for the 1985 reboot of She-Ra: Princess of Power.

Happily ever after finale

According to reports, series creator Noelle Stevenson is no longer returning for a sixth season. At least at the moment.

She made sure to end the show with a happy finale. She even tied together the character arcs perfectly so as to leave viewers the opportunity to imagine their own future stories.

“The story was always defined by the characters’ arcs,” Stevenson spoke in an interview with Digital Spy. “And it’s reached its conclusion in the way that we found the most fulfilling.”

The show’s cast has also followed her decision to end the series up to season 5 only as they will not move forward without the showrunner.

But it’s not a total shutdown of the idea of a sixth run. She has poured so much love in making the animated web series that there still a little chance that she will be open to it again.

She has even expressed interest in doing a crossover with Kevin Smith’s Master of the Universe series. Only time can tell for now for the future of the series.

Season 5 highlights

For those who haven’t watched yet, here are some of the highlights of the season finale.

The show’s biggest antagonist Horde Prime tried to claim Etheria as his own after laying his eyes on it. Etheria was supposed to be hidden from him until the magic of concealment failed.

So the Princesses of Power fought against the great evil. But Adora broke her sword, losing her ability to turn into the titular heroine.

She was eventually able to transform into She-Ra upon seeing Catra gravely injured by Horde Prime. She even got a brand new sword and a stylish new outfit to match.

It was a long journey for Adora and Catra. But just as what Stevenson envisioned for the show, the two characters got their happy ending.

Catra confessed her love for Adora, who also said that she loves her back. The Best Friend Squad also ended the show with one last mission.

It’s to give the gift of magic back to the universe. Stevenson intended that mission to create an open-ended conclusion for the fans of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

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