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‘Sherlock’ Season 5: Will it still sees the light of the day?


Fans have been waiting for Sherlock Season 5, almost four years after Season 4 ended. Although its future remains to be hazy until today, it looks like viewers will expect its return until no official cancellation is made.

So far, the show’s main stars and producers have yet to give any solid update about Sherlock Season 5. The lengthy delay is said to be because of their hectic schedules.

However, if they happen to finish all their prior commitments, will the new season of the hit TV series sees the light of the day?

The stars, creators’ busy schedules

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman both have several TV and movie projects to finish. So, it is quite challenging for them to squeeze the new season’s production into their busy schedules.

Even the show creators, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, have a lot on their plates. So, there is no way for them, too, to work on the fifth installment.

However, according to BlockToro, this doesn’t mean that the show is already canceled.

In fact, in an interview, Cumberbatch and Freeman hinted at the new season’s early development stage–though this is yet to be confirmed.

Aside from their schedules, Sherlock Season 5 has no scripts yet. Moffat and Gatiss still have a lot of work to do to finalize its story.

The major stars, too, will take quite some time before they finish their respective commitments before they can do the series.

The willingness to do the new season

Despite being busy bees, Cumberbatch has expressed his interest to do Sherlock Season 5.

“Nobody has ever closed the door on Sherlock,” he said via Devdiscourse.

Freeman, on the other hand, told Collider they didn’t want to risk the show’s legacy because of their busy schedules.

By the looks of it, he seems to say that they want to put their sole focus and attention in doing the new season.

In addition, Moffat admitted to Digital Spy that he hadn’t thought about the fifth installment yet.

“We haven’t sat down and had a proper talk about what we would do with another series,” he revealed.

Anyhow, they haven’t shut their doors to the show, saying they have been looking into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories for inspiration.

If Season 5 will push through, it may adapt the “The Red-Headed League” storyline. Gatiss and Moffat can easily turn this into a modern-day heist that fans will surely love.

Anyhow, though nothing is confirmed yet, there are predictions—or hopes—that Sherlock Season 5 may finally drop in 2022 or 2023.

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