Shia LaBeouf reportedly blacklisted in Hollywood

Hollywood has blacklisted Shia LaBeouf on the charges which have been legally imposed on the actor.

Shia LaBeouf has seen a long road to rehabilitate his reputation on the road of Hollywood since 2017. The actor has seen a rough patch for his fate in Hollywood over the years.

How was the actor pulled to controversy?

Shia LaBeouf has seen a long way road as his career came to a halt in 2017. In 2017, he was stopped by a black police officer.

He asked the officer that he was going to hell for the color of his skin. As even accused the cop of arresting him since he was white and ranted that his wife watches adult movies featuring “black men.”

He was asked to appear on media, and he has shared his fair share of apology to the press and fans. After this incident and his groveling apology, he took to probation.

He has attended anger management therapy and has seemed to accomplish the treatment given to him.

Hits like Honey Boy (which he also wrote) and The Peanut Butter Falcon won back his audience’s admiration. There were even considerations for him working for Marvel Production studios.

He has been sued for multiple sexual offenses as well

He has been battered on media for his sexual offenses as well. Tahliah Barnett, aka FKA Twigs, has shared her grieving experience with the actor.

Infliction of emotional distress and random sexual assaults were conducted on her by the actor.

This has caused a range of odd behavior such as strangulation, beatings, intentionally infecting her with an STD.

The actor has even been on media for randomly rash driving on the streets and shooting stray dogs. A legal lawsuit has been filed against the actor for these instances.

The suit says that the actor’s irregular behavior and animal cruelty have shocked many people, including his fans.

The audience has taken to Twitter and has said that they do not forgive the actor’s behavior on all matters.

Daniel Richtman says that now LaBeouf is entirely blacklisted by Hollywood. He has been dropped from every single movie he was cast on.

Producers have shared the update and their concern that they do not want to work with the actor.

As regarding high-profile roles, LaBeouf has been blacklisted as well. The blacklist is not to be lifted soon. The actor’s media publicist have shared their concern over the mental health of the actor.

But for now, the actor will eventually be dropped for single role selection in Hollywood.


Image courtesy of Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock

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