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Shiloh says dad Brad Pitt is ‘happy’ with Jennifer Aniston: rumor


Shiloh Jolie-Pitt reportedly noticed that her dad, Brad Pitt, was ‘happy’ with his first wife, Jennifer Aniston.

Various outlets claimed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s eldest biological child, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, has forged a friendship with his first wife, Jennifer Aniston. One outlet also claimed that she told the Friends alum that her dad is happy with her.

Shiloh and her siblings met Jennifer Aniston

New Idea claimed that the Ad Astra actor secretly spent the holidays with Jennifer Aniston and his kids. The Murder Mystery star reportedly made a connection with his children, which allegedly annoyed their mom, Angelina Jolie.

“It was a big moment for them and thankfully it went really, really well,” an insider told OK! Magazine about the said reunion.

“The spark was still there between Brad and Jen, but they had a lot of unresolved issues to sort out. In the end, talking about the past actually bought them closer together, before they knew it, they were an item again.”

Shiloh thinks dad is happy with his first ex-wife

The source also claimed that Angelina Jolie and  Brad Pitt’s children had “positive” responses after meeting Jennifer Aniston.

“The kids have heard so much about Jen over the years, they were excited to meet her in person,” the supposed source said.

The insider also added that the kids took Aniston so well. In fact, they reportedly found her “nice and totally cool.”

“Viv liked Jen’s jewellery and wanted to braid her hair and Knox was blown away by Jen’s sports knowledge,” the dubious source continued and noted that Shiloh’s comment made Aniston feel really special.

“At one point she told Jen ‘Dad seems happy with you,’” the so-called source said.

“It caused Brad to shed some tears. He thought it was incredibly sweet that Shiloh would make such a touching statement.”

Angelina Jolie allegedly fuming

The report went on and claimed that Angelina Jolie was “fuming” over her ex-husband’s Golden Globes win. Furthermore, the Maleficent star allegedly felt trapped in a town where she felt “hated and rejected.”

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the report with a grain of salt. First, it’s unlikely for Brad Pitt to introduce Jennifer Aniston to his kids because they are not back together.

Also, Pitt’s children are very close to their mom, including Shiloh. Thus, it sounded so unlikely that Shiloh and his siblings would droll over Aniston.

Additionally, there are various false rumors linking Aniston to Jolie and Pitt’s children. Woman’s Day also claimed that Jolie banned Aniston from seeing her children.

Pitt was also linked to Alia Shawkat, and there were also rumors claiming that Jolie also banned her from meeting her children.

All of those claims were not true. Also, Aniston and Shawkat had no reason to meet Pitt and Jolie’s children in the first place.

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