Shin Hyun Joon proven not guilty of the defamation lawsuit

Shin Hyun Joon not guilty of the defamation lawsuit filed by a former manager. It was said that Hyun Joon mistreated his former manager.

Kim Gwang Seob is Shin Hyun Joon’s former manager and former director of the current agency of Hyun Joon, which is HJ Film.

In the reports, Hyun Joon is allegedly mistreating him during their time working together. Hyun Joon proved that the claims were not valid and announced a potential legal action against Kim Gwang Seob.

Request for reinvestigation

Kim submitted a request asking for reinvestigation about the claim that Hyun Joon took Propofol illegally in 2010. In response, Hyun Joon stated that the police had investigated him regarding the Propofol, which the hospital gave for his treatment for his injured back.

In August, the police dismissed Kim’s request for reinvestigation because it happened before Propofol was known as a drug. Also, the statute of limitations had already expired.

Through the investigations, the police revealed that the allegations of Kim Gwang Seob about the Propofol and mistreatment were all false.


Shin Hyun Joon not guilty

On November 9, the Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office decided that there will no charge pressed in the defamation lawsuit. The verdict from Kim Gwang Seob case to Shin Hyun Joon tagged as “not guilty.”

The defamation lawsuit that Hyun Joon filed against Kim Gwang Seob is still under investigation. They will continue their efforts to ensure that he will be taking legal responsibility for the false claims.

There is much concern over the fact that Kim is refraining from broadcast and public activities due to the incident. He will indeed be using the time for self-reflection.

Shin Hyun Joon will work to return to everyone with a more upright and mature image. He will always remember every people who trusted and supported him all through the fight.


Image courtesy of ZEBO SHOWBIZ/YouTube Screenshot

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