‘Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne’ remaster coming soon


Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne is coming to PC, Switch, and PS4 soon. In a recent announcement, the game will come to several platforms as an HD Remaster.

Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne is a much-awaited RPG as part of Atlus’ consistent release of titles. For PC, it is now on Steam with Persona 4 Golden. The interest comes from the recent success of P4G last year, motivating Atlus to release more games.

Atlus brings quality of life improvements to HD Remaster

Atlus Games are among those Japanese studios who held back much of its catalog from the West. Among them, many of the Megami Tensei games stayed back in Japan. Many of the spinoffs also stayed on single platforms too.

The new Megami Tensei remaster offers improvements on graphical assets. These include backgrounds, 3D models, and bug fixes for many old issues. Some changes also include additional difficulty options and even a suspend option for players to save and stop at any point.

Players can also choose between Japanese and English voiceovers too. One nice bonus to the game is the addition of a branching story arc. It features Raidou Kuzunoha, one of the guest characters in Nocturne.

Raidou is also among the protagonists of the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner spin-offs. He’s mostly clad in black and wields both a katana and revolver with him.

SMT3 grittier experience, offers Merciful Mode

Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne is not a fun, energetic game like the Persona series. Even if many of the characters are present in the shared universe for both, SMT3 is grittier. They have many similarities in combat, aesthetics, and even summons, but everything stops there.

Much of the game’s plot puts players in the middle of a demonic invasion. As the apocalypse ensues, players take on the character of a half-human/demon hybrid. As players set off to heroism, they also need to find their roles and a reason to live.

Nocturne is infamous for its grimdark tones. Even with its generally colorful cast, it is surrealist in nature. It ever pulls off any punches and treats its players with a mature plot.

Among the more controversial parts of the game is a Merciful mode coming with the digital deluxe edition. As Nocturne is known for its punishingly difficult gameplay, Merciful Mode offers players to enjoy without threats. This is similar to SOMA’s Safe Mode.

Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne will come on May 25 to PC, Switch, and PS4. A PS5 version is yet to be announced.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo/Youtube Screenshot

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