Shin Min Ah graces holidays-inspired pictorial with ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Korea


Shin Min Ah graced a festive theme photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar Korea and talked about her year.

The production notice that Shin Min Ah did not lose her smile during the photoshoot that went until late at night. She said that all work is tiring, but she thinks she still has the energy because she enjoys the work.

Change is constant

She even finds it fun when she is doing shoots this long, and even if it will be every day.
Min Ah changes day by day, and she is never precisely the person the day before. When she is changing every day, it also means the world changes too.

That is one reason she thinks the same result could not be produced even if they wanted it to be.

Plans before 2020 ends

On her plans before the end of 2020, she said that she did not make any plans for this year’s end.

Her film Diva recently came out, and she has another one coming out in the future. The situation now always changes, and it is impossible to make plans in advance.

If things went better, she would like to get together with her family and acquaintances and have some meals at the end of the year. Shin Min Ah thinks that it would be great if they did not do anything special in particular.

Upcoming film of Shin Min Ah

Moreover, Shin Min Ah talks about her upcoming film Vacation that tells a deceased mother who gets a vacation with her daughter for three days.

Min Ah has seen and heard many stories about a daughter and mother, but there are stories she wants to keep seeing. When she saw the scenario, she thought that she wanted to watch the movie too.

Find small ways of healing

As 2020 is coming to an end, it is the year where she went through hardships that everybody is equally dealing with. She looked for small ways of healing, and one way is talking to her grandmother.

Shin Min Ah told her grandmother that she thinks this was the year where she thought about people close to her and took care of them in return.


Image courtesy of 웹데일리연예Live/YouTube Screenshot

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