SHINee reunited as Minho completes military service

SHINee members reveal accomplished faces as they pose once more in four-piece!

“We’re back,” this is what SHINee Key posted on November 15 on his Instagram, making Shawols jump for joy and excitement.

The quartet is back

The photo reveals SHINee all together. In the image, Minho is still in his military uniform and is smiling brightly with Onew, Taemin, and Key.

As the group members already completed their military mission, fans are grasping tightly with an expectation that SHINee will be making a comeback with new music.

Before Key uploaded the photo, he held a live broadcast on his Instagram account. The broadcast was graced with the complete members of SHINee.

Minho’s is discharged from his military service

On the morning of November 15, Minho was discharged from the Marine Corps. The idol started his mandatory service on April 15, 2019.

Initially, Minho was scheduled to be released on October 27 but instead joined his last defense drill.

SHINee’s Minho returned to his fans’ side in good health. He then greeted and thanked his fans with a salute that was waiting for him. Minho’s fans are at the front gate during the discharge.

As the idol held a cake in his hand with the shape of a red hat, Minho said that he didn’t expect that the day would finally come.

“Thank you so much for waiting for me, and as I have completed my duty as a soldier, I will show you my best effort as a young Korean man to the end,” he added.

Minho then bids his goodbye to his fellow marines who were leaving for their vacation after completing the event prepared by his agency.

After greeting the company commander who saw him off till the last minute, he hopped on the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Taemin is currently promoting his latest solo track titled IDEA, and Key has made a comeback on tvN’s Amazing Saturday to his fixed position.


Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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