SHINee’s Key gives advice to Taemin as he enlists

SHINee’s Key talks about his military life while advising Taemin as he enters his military service.

On November 11, SHINee’s Key appeared as a guest in MBC’s Radio Star together with Lee Juck, Jung In, and Paul Kim. During the episode, Key talked about how he enjoys his time in the military. Key was discharged in his mandatory military service in October.

SHINee’s Key is getting used to the routine

In the interview, he shared that he still has some habits he learned from military life. His first time in ten years is that he is living according to a routine, and he is grateful for that.

He is sticking in the patterns he learned in the military and did not know how great it was to enjoy a full length of the day.

Taemin up for enlistment

Taemin should be enlisted in the military because he is the youngest in the group. Key said that there were times in their career that they had two years between each album. He partly regrets that he did not go earlier during one of those times.

This is one reason why he wants Taemin to go as soon as possible for his mandatory military service, but he did not listen to him.

The easiest days of life

Military life is the easiest for Key. Life there is so simple that the higher ranks told them what to do and what not to do.

Moreover, he worried and thought about what he should do and did not get the desired results.

After hearing the stories of Paul Kim in his military service, Key shared that he was comfortable with the hierarchical nature of the military. If his superior orders him to do something, he does not have to think for himself.

There will always be people who will ask that they already did that in the past days.


Image courtesy of BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube Screenshot

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