Shinji Mikami believes game creators reach their peak during their thirties

Legendary game maker, Shinji Mikami

Renowned director for Dino Crisis and Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami shares his journey in game development and why he believes that game creators, like himself, reach their peak during their thirties.

Speaking in a YouTube channel, Archipel, in celebration of his 30th year in the industry, Mikami tells the story of how a “merchandise” student became one of the industry’s most valuable person.

The video starts with a revelation that shows the veteran game maker citing how he originally did not like gaming “too much.” Until eventually becoming an ignited passion as influenced by a friend who has a penchant for arcade games.

But like most people, Mikami’s life has not been smooth-sailing, even after graduating from college. Despite his success throughout much of his career, it was not without rejections, especially at the start.

A pivotal, life-changing moment

Shinji Mikami’s entry in the video game business, as it appears, was not intentional. While fond of the idea of creating something as a job, gaming was not the option at the time. But if not for a friend who urges him to visit an event by Capcom, did Mikami miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But the real life-changing opportunity, of course, boil down to Capcom, who almost missed on a valuable asset. That is, after initially rejecting the still greenhorn Mikami’s application to become a part of the company.

Many years down the line and Shinji Mikami has established himself a name that will be forever renowned in the trade. It’s hard for someone with the right combination of talent and experience to overlook any statement that will come from the guy.

At 30 years in the trade, speaking is indeed what he’s doing, and it’s a moment that many will surely heed.

Game creators peak during their thirties

There is a lot to dissect from the nearly 40-minute video about Shinji Mikami. But if we’re to handpick the best highlights, it has got to be his insight regarding game creators generally reaching a peak during their 30s.

Put to himself, Mikami came up with the idea by citing his participation with the development of Resident Evil 4 at 39. Arguably, one of the greatest emphasis of his overall career before starting his own business endeavors.

The idea is not necessarily absolute, though, and may vary on a case-to-case basis. But if speaking about the first-hand experience, one cannot deny the reality of the claim. At least, true for Shinji Mikami, who eventually steps down from the directorial role in order to become a producer instead.

Shinji Mikami is far from giving up in the gaming industry, however. Presently, he’s involved in the development of Ghostwire: Tokyo, which is shaping to be a compelling game, to say the least.

Image used courtesy of Archipel/YouTube Screenshot

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