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‘Shotgun Farmers’ gets hyped via TikTok; Tops the Xbox One charts


The creator of Shotgun Farmers got surprised that his game beat the other popular games in the market today such as Call of Duty and NBA 2K.

The gaming industry recently had its surprises this year. From games like Among Us taking the internet by storm, we now see another indie game making its rounds this week.

QaziTV over at TikTok went crazy as he shared his accomplishment through his 1.2 million followers and the video has gone viral with over 1.5 million views as of this writing.

When you go and visit the Microsoft Store, the game is still on top of the list of its most-played category.

An FPS shooter with a unique concept

With developers bombarding gamers with a lot of titles to choose from when it comes to the FPS genre, Shotgun Farmers creates its own appeal.

The weapons are in a form of fruits and vegetables and some of their ammo can be planted on the ground to grow new weapons.

From corn shotguns to carrot bazookas, their unorthodox approach to the FPS genre has caught the curiosity of gamers.

Shotgun Farmers soon on PlayStation and Switch consoles

The heavy promotion from QaziTV over at TikTok has propelled Shotgun Farmers to new heights. Just by browsing his profile, fans get to see a lot of the ongoing development of this game.

With the recent release of this rising game to the Xbox One, it looks like the developers are now working on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch ports of the game.

For those who have PCs and would want to try the game out, the game is also available on Steam for US$10 [AU$14] and so far it also has received a lot of positive reviews since it went out on early access last year.

Featured image courtesy of Shotgun Farmers/YouTube Screenshot

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