Shroud thinks ‘Valorant’ players shouldn’t spend too much time in Ranked mode

Shroud thinks Valorant players shouldn't spend too much time in Ranked mode

Shroud doesn’t think Valorant Ranked mode is an ideal place to train players aspiring to go pro, saying its Ranked system will never be good.

Even before Riot Games had released the all-new battle royale game, Valorant has already set itself up for success. During its closed-beta phase, it had attracted millions of players worldwide including several big-name gamers such as Shroud.

In fact, the game is so popular that even South Korea’s best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player, Xeta, decided to retire from CS: GO to pursue a professional career on Valorant. 

For Shroud, however, it’s not the best place to train players wanting to go pro.

Going pro with Valorant

Xeta isn’t the only one wanting to go pro with Valorant. The game already had a budding eSports scene before it was released. Now many professional players are making the transition or at least considering it.

One of those players is Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek. The 26-year-old recently expressed his desire to return to professional gaming for Valorant. However, he says that doing so would be in direct conflict with his successful career as a streamer.

Prior to streaming, Shroud had been one of the top pro players in North America for CS: GO.

The case with Ranked gaming

Despite feeling the urge to go pro once again with Valorant, the Mixer star believes that the game’s Ranked mode isn’t the right place for aspiring pro players to train. According to Grzesiek, the Ranked mode’s unbalanced state makes it a less ideal training space.

His thoughts aren’t exclusive to Valorant alone as he thinks the same way of Ranked modes in other games including CS: GO.

I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about how they don’t like the ranked system. But, in reality, the ranked system will never be good. There are too many variables in a game like this, and that’s fine,” Shroud says.

For Shroud, the problem with Ranked modes is with the way players are matched. According to him, the mode’s unbalanced system causes good players to be set against bad players.

Customs is the way

Shroud says that if players really want to go pro, they should focus on custom matches instead. This is especially true if they want to compete at the highest level of Valorant. This way players can make sure they are matched with other skilled players.

Shroud’s opinion regarding Ranked gaming is based on his own experience as a former pro player. The retired CS: GO pro used to play on custom servers instead of Ranked ones.


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