SIDUS: NFT Heroes vs. Axie Infinity: How do they compare?


SIDUS: NFT Heroes and Axie Infinity are new kinds of video/NFT games that use a “play-to-earn” model. This format incentivizes players to engage and progress through the game by giving them ownership rights to all in-game items. 

SIDUS: NFT Heroes and other games like it create player-driven economic systems with value in the real world. The emergence of play-to-earn mechanics has spawned the so-called “’Leisure Economy,’ in which players derive their entire revenue from gaming.

A notch higher

SIDUS takes this concept to the next level, making the game more accessible with just one click. Players do not need to install an app on their Android, iOS, PC, or Mac to begin playing compared to Axie. 

They simply need to open their browser and type in the URL for the game. This is made feasible by the SIDUS team’s proprietary WebGL-based technology, which has been under development for three years. 

The technology is Unreal Engine 5 compatible and provides high-quality 3D art as well as a high-efficiency engine. 

How do they work?

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game with a few tweaks and changes inspired by the enormously popular Pokémon franchise. Axie Infinity focuses on breeding, growing, and combating cute creatures.  

For its part, SIDUS is a futuristic game in which you can explore the universe, craft spaceships, become a politician, breed pets, craft, and trade weapons, and even become a builder. 

These games are similar only in their play-to-earn aspect. In terms of gameplay, lore, and settings, they vary by quite a bit. 

These are things they have in common: 

Arena, the place for competition 

In the Battle Arena, a player can challenge other players to duels or assemble warring legions in order to rise to the top.

Players joining the PvP (player versus player) battlefield and fighting one another is the most important and thrilling occurrence in their respective universes.

Trade: how to make money and dominate

Players can barter their in-game items for anything of the same value. In SIDUS, players can trade guns, clothing, and futuristic materials. In Axie, players can breed their pets and sell offspring in the marketplace. They can also buy and trade land and land items. 

Character advancement and leveling

Players can spend their free time developing their heroes or pets, which will be used on the battlefield against a difficult opponent, in between accomplishing duties/quests and clashing against other clans. 

Players participate in the leveling of their Hero’s/pets attributes as well as the selection of the best gear. Every Hero and pet has the potential to grow and get new abilities and skills.

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